Army of dry bones

Our bones are dry.

Our hope is lost.

Our bones are dry.

We ourselves are cut off.

Lord, open our graves.

Oh, let us live!

Take the heart of stone out of our flesh.

And give us a heart of flesh.

“See these bones?”

“Yeah, I see these bones.”

“Tell these bones they’re gonna hear the Word,

then they will know...”

“Oh, dry bones!

You're gonna hear the Word.”

Rattling bones, flesh on bone...

Come from the four winds, oh breath.

Breathe on these dry bones.

And stand

army of dry bones.

(Spirit, come.)

(Ezekiel 36:26, Ezekiel 37:1-14)


Words and music by Leem of Earth and JSHG, ©2018


B: Electric Guitar

E: Drums

N: Bass Guitar

LM: Vocals, Keys

JSHG: Programming, Synth