dressed for war

Most days,

there’s nothing for me here.

And I could roam these hills

looking for movement of the wind,

feeling for movement of the earth.

Most days, I would like to begin again.

I don't know what makes me sad.

Maybe it’s something about the sky-

vast and blue and stretching out to the greatest height.

Is there a sword on my soul?

Who is there looking for a fight?

Is someone watching out for me?

...as the dark climbs up the mountainside.

I’ve stayed out of sight.

And in my mind, oh, I have dressed myself for war.

All of this time I’m looking out, but


Most days, I don’t see my life for what it is.

There is a sword on my soul.

All the world ‘round me goes white.

The noise from the battlefield fades

as the iron sinks in the heart of me.

And I’m keeping at the fight in me.

The blood seeps through the grass and moss.

My body sleeps but my spirit soars.


Words and music by Leem of Earth and JSHG, ©2018


B: Electric Guitar

E: Drums

N: Bass Guitar

LM: Vocals, Keys

JSHG: Programming, Synth