In my dream the sun and moon,

looking down on me,

a somber cloud in me,

Yellow to the blue-

‘What do you think we’ll do?’

‘Keep on shining,’ winked the moon.

The greater light can’t help but shine.

When I turn from him,

winter sets in.

The pale to the bright-

‘What do we do now?’

‘Keep on glowing, through the night.’

The moon dips down to light the path.

Blinking thanks I hurry forward.

Looking up to them,

a solemn hope in me.

In the witching hour,

through the dreaming trees-

they are looking after me.

When my eyes anticipate

illumination on the way.

All I look to here:

these two blessed spheres.

and the flickering choir

set my heart on fire...

Keep on shining, faithful lights.



B: Electric Guitar

E: Drums

N: Bass Guitar

LM: Vocals, Upright Piano

JSHG: Programming, Synth