We fell into a moon world,

a land with no sunrise.

Giants with dark eyes

keeping watch through the trees.

Look out for the river!

Here it won't cleanse you;

Here you are lulled into a deep sleep.

Remember when we weren’t cold?

Remember when we weren’t old?

Now we walk with all the coolness of a corpse.

Remember when we were more?

When I wasn't looking

You turned my heart towards you.

I wasn’t thinking of being anybody’s love.

Down in the southland,

I was a shadow feeling the warmth of the sun.

Remember when we had hope?

Remember when words we spoke meant something to us?

In the drifting morning glow...

Remember when we were known?

I want to know...

I want to hold truth in my hands,

and not look away ever again.


Words and music by Leem of Earth and JSHG, ©2018


B: Electric Guitar

E: Drums

N: Bass Guitar

LM: Vocals, Electric Guitar

JSHG: Programming, Synth

BGVs: Chris Taylor