Wishing Well

Wishing I was someone and not an empty shell.

Wishing I was anywhere but the wishing well.

Lord, how many pennies I’ve thrown into the deep!

My head upon my pillow singing to the sheep.

Lord, how many smiles I’ve feigned only to turn and weep.

If I’m in a desert,

or in a valley low.

If I’m treading water,

if I come upon my foe-

who seems to me a giant,

seems to eclipse the sun...

Lord, how many times must I forget the war is won

and throw myself with feeble might

into the fray, grasping for the light?

Wishing I had courage to walk a darkened range.

Wishing that there were no wolves quiet, watching, strange.

Wishing that the moonwould quit her lighting on me.

If I was in a fairy tale,I’d wish I didn’t know it well.

I’d wish it wasn’t me.

I’d wish it wasn’t me.

A simple heartache stirring

and I understand...

Horizon line is blurring,

wolves are close at hand.

The ground around me rising,

there’s nothing that I’ve done.

No hero’s moment brave and strong,

no soldier fighting on and on.

I rise above the pining trees,

salt from a far off mighty sea

coursing down my cheek,

drifting down my cheek.


Words and music by Leem of Earth and JSHG, ©2018


B: Electric Guitar

E: Drums

N: Bass Guitar

LM: Vocals, Keys

JSHG: Programming, Synth